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Stephen Burton, Bordeaux Cellars CEO

Stephen Burton: CEO

stephen@bordeauxcellars.com +44 (0)7795 626 811 Stephen Burton Bordeaux Cellars LinkedIn

Stephen first enjoyed wine with family friends growing up in Sydney and has been an avid collector for over 30 years. He has built up an extensive network of trade and private contacts in London and around the world and in 2007 founded Bordeaux Cellars with two partners (now retired).

With the introduction of quoted prices from companies such as Liv-ex and Wine Owners, the wine industry has evolved over the last twenty years from an arcane network of brokers and opaque pricing, to one where fine wine is widely traded on the secondary market and, is an investment class in its own right.

In 2011, Stephen saw a new opportunity and Bordeaux Cellars was the first to offer loans secured against fine wines and continues to lead the market.

James Wellesley, Bordeaux Cellars CFO

James Wellesley: CFO

james@bordeauxcellars.com +44 (0)7468 577 929 James Wellesley Bordeaux Cellars LinkedIn

James started his career as a private client tax adviser. This role included oversight of large holdings of equities and real estate for family trusts, both in the UK and offshore.

He then built up a successful property development business and after ten years running his own business, he teamed up with Stephen to take on larger projects. They expanded that business for a further ten years.

During the last two-and-a-half years, James has helped to expand the loan broking business from around 10 loans totalling £2 - £3 million per month to around 25 - 30 loans per month totalling £6 - £7 million per month.

Claude Dubois, Bordeaux Cellars

Claude Dubois


Claude joined Bordeaux Cellars in 2017. He now runs the firm's logistics operations, supervising collections and deliveries. He assists Stephen when he carries out appraisals and valuations and, arranges shipments to clients in the UK and across the globe.