Bordeaux Cellars Exchange

Value, track and trade in fine wine

Bordeaux Cellars’ clients have access to our cellar management tools and fine wine exchange.
Once your account has been set up you can enter details of your collection (or we can do this for you from an Excel or csv file).
You will then have all the benefits of our sophisticated software and will be able to buy and sell wine on our fine wine exchange.

Cellar Management Software

The software allows you to:

Membership is £240 pa, but is free of charge for those clients storing £50,000 or more of wine with us, who buy or sell £10,000 or more on the exchange in each 12 month period (from commencement of their membership) and for all wine loan borrowers and lenders.

Robert Parker, Wine Advocate
Membership includes a subscription to Robert Parker Wine Advocate worth £75 / $99.

Discover Fine Wine

Browse Wines through our app
  • Compendium of the world’s finest wines and producers
  • Search key data on over 250,000 wines
  • Value your wines instantly
  • The fine wine market at your fingertips

Manage Your Collection

Manage your wine collection through our app
  • Scan in all your documents and add photos as a “wine passport”
  • Track everything, no matter where it’s stored
  • Identify what’s ready to drink and what can improve with ageing
  • Record your wine experiences with personal tasting notes

Value your wines and track their performance

Value your wines and track their performance through our app
  • Monitor up-to-date valuations and trend information
  • Know what to sell and what can realise most value
  • Research what to buy
  • Identify market value using professional comparison tools

Sell your wines on our fine wine exchange

Sell your wines through our app
  • 18,000 registered users
  • Integrated trading exchange gives you direct market access
  • Sellers get paid quickly
  • Total market transparency
  • Assured processes safeguard buyers and sellers
Commissions on sales on the exchange are 6.5% +VAT.
There is no settlement fee.

Buy wines on our fine wine exchange

Buy wines through our app
  • 18,000 registered users
  • Comprehensive market data
  • Tap into fine wines well stored by their owners
  • See offers, bids, latest trades and check best retail prices
  • Small spreads benefit buyer and seller
  • Choice of storage or delivery options
  • We can inspect your puchases before you pay (a fee applies)