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Bordeaux Cellars was set up 10 years ago to provide a truly bespoke service to clients wishing to invest in the world’s finest and rarest wines.

We have grown rapidly over the past decade and now has an enviable network of clients and professional contacts spanning the globe. We now have offices in London, Hong Kong and New York.

Investing in Fine Wine

We have expert in-depth knowledge and extensive experience of the fine wine market, far-reaching trade contacts and access to private clients’ cellars, combined with the most accurate and up-to-date information on prices.

If you would like to buy a specific wine, have investment grade wine you wish to sell, or would like advice about collecting or investing in fine wine please contact Stephen Burton. Stephen specialises in creating bespoke portfolios of the world’s finest and rarest wines, tailored precisely to your requirements.

Capitalising on our experience and belief in the fundamental and long-term value of the very finest wines for investment purposes we deal only with wines from the top investment-grade producers.

Through our unique network within the wine trade we are able to arrange significant acquisitions of the finest Bordeaux, Burgundy and from the best producers in the USA, Australia, Italy, Spain and throughout the world.

Wine-Backed Loans

In 2011, during the economic downturn, an opportunity arose to add a new dimension to Bordeaux Cellars’ business. An article in The Sunday Times referred to bankers, who, having been made redundant, were pawning cars, art and other valuables. The board realised that wine would be ideal security for this type of secured collateralised loan.

The global market in fine wine had at that time reached around $4 billion annually, there was a burgeoning secondary market, and prices had become much more transparent with the introduction of online marketplaces such as Liv-ex.

Over the last 6 years Bordeaux Cellars has brokered over 600 loans, totalling around £120,000,000 to clients around the world. All lenders have been repaid in full. They have been paid in total some £14,500,000 interest.

You can find more information about borrowing against your collection, or investing in wine-backed loans via the links below.

If you would like more information please speak to Stephen Burton or James Wellesley.

Investing in Fine Wine Bordeaux Cellars

The Bordeaux Cellars Fine Wine Exchange

If you have a portfolio and you would like to use our valuation and cellar management tools please set up an account. There is no charge to our customers for using the service for the first 12 months (we waive the £240 annual charge which includes a subscription to Robert Parker Wine Advocate) and thereafter if you store wine with us worth £100,000 or more, buy £25,000 or more wine from us each year or are a wine-backed loan lender or borrower.

It also allows you check the value of your wine against weekly updated prices and perform a wide range of analysis including by vintage, region and varietal and to compare the performance of your portfolio against Wine Owners indices, stocks and shares (FTSE 100, Dow Jones Industrial Average) and commodities (gold, oil).

Once you have set up an account you can also access our on-line fine wine exchange, where you can buy and sell wine. Trades are between a pool of 18,000 members.

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Portfolio management

We now manage £125,000,000 of clients’ wine and act as custodian of a further £115,000,000 of wine pledged as security for wine-backed loans.

For details of our cellarage charges please click here. We are currently offering 12 months’ free storage for up to 50 cases (37.5 litres) to new clients. If you would like more information please speak to Stephen Burton or James Wellesley.

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