Fine wine investment


Correct cellaring of fine wine is essential to maintain it in optimum condition.

Bordeaux Cellars will pick, pack, move, receive (at a specialist wine storage facility in Fulham, West London) and catalogue your wine (from a single case to an entire collection) and ensure it is kept at its best until you wish to drink or sell. You will have the peace of mind that your wine is aging in the perfect environment.

Our Charges

New customers: deposit 0-50 cases / 37.5 litres and receive 12 months’ free storage

Cases Litres Litre/year ex VAT 9L case incl. VAT
0–5 0–45 100p 10.80 GBP
6–50 54–450 95p 10.26 GBP
51–200 451–1800 90p 9.72 GBP
201–500 1801–4500 85p 9.18 GBP
500+ 4500+ 80p 8.64 GBP

Bordeaux Cellars’ portfolio management software

Provides you with guidance on the status of each wine in storage, including reviews, scores and tasting notes from the world’s foremost experts so you drink or sell your wine at the optimum time.

It also provides the current value of your wine and tools to analyse its performance based on wine, chateau, region, and grape variety over the last 3 months to 10 years.

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Record keeping

All wine deposited with Bordeaux Cellars is logged, and each bottle or case is labelled and affixed with security seals and straps. This uniquely identifies it as your stock and the number is recorded in our portfolio management system together with the date or receipt, ownership, and statement that the wine is held by Bordeaux Cellars as custodian (meaning that the wine would not be available to our creditors if we were to stop trading for any reason).

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The facility is monitored 24/7. A full CCTV and alarm system is in place. Access to the underground wine storage units is by an 11-digit PIN entry system at the lifts and basement level doors. A separate access PIN is provided for each client and is used at the entry point to deactivate the alarm relating to a particular vault. This is linked to the main alarm which is activated if an attempt is made to access any other vault.

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Each client’s wine is stored in a private vault. Each vault is locked and the entry codes are kept off-site and are only accessible by directors of Bordeaux Cellars. When wine is to be added or removed from storage this is supervised by a director.

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Climate Monitoring


Heat is the number one enemy of fine wine. Our storage facilities maintain a constant 12ºC; the ideal temperature at which your wine will age in the bottle. Too high a temperature would cause it to mature too quickly and temperature fluctuations lead to an unbalanced wine. Too low a temperature and the lack of moisture in the air could allow the cork to dry out or the wine to freeze.

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We maintain humidity at an ideal 65–70% avoiding mould (if the cellar is too humid) or the cork drying out (if it is too dry).

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Ultraviolet light degrades the organic compounds found in wine (and fades labels). We store your wine in the OWC (if supplied) or double-skinned, horizontal wine storage boxes in allocated, locked units. These are only opened when you add or withdraw stock from storage.

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Storage slows the aging process and allows your wine to develop complexity over many years. Your wine will be stored in an underground facility that has been constructed to eliminate virtually all vibration.

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Uninterruptable power supply

In order to ensure security, temperature and humidity the storage facility has a backup generator to maintain a constant power supply.

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All our wine is stored horizontally. This keeps the wine in contact with the cork which maintains an airtight seal and prevents the wine from oxidizing.

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