Wine Loans


Bordeaux Cellars have been arranging loans against fine wine since 2011. We are leaders in the field with a proven track record. We have more than 300 clients who have used their collections as collateral against over 600 loans totaling in excess of £120,000,000.

Loans are for 364 days. Interest is charged at 15% per annum and we charge a 1% non-refundable facility fee once we have arranged the loan.

Borrowing process in Bordeaux Cellars

The minimum loan is £75,000, the average £250,000 and we can arrange a loans of up to £1,000,000.

We broker loans at 35% of our valuation of your wine. This is calculated using data supplied by Wine Owners Limited. The loans are non-status; there is no credit check. We can therefore provide funds quickly. The process generally takes 3–5 working days, but can be expedited.

We will carry out an audit of your portfolio and then arrange the loan.

Loans are structured as chattel mortgages which are registered at The Royal Courts of Justice, Strand, London. We deal with all KYC, prepare all the paperwork, match you with a lender looking to lend the amount you require in the currency in which you wish to borrow.

If your wine is DP (Duty Paid), once the loan has been agreed and throughout the term we will store your wine at our secure, climate-controlled vaults in The Wine Cellars, Fulham, West London.

If the wine is IB (In Bond) we will arrange the transfer of the title to our account at the bond.

We will arrange insurance for the term on a full-replacement value basis at your cost. The premium is payable prior to drawing down of funds.

We act as custodian and ensure the wine is secured until the loan is repaid. The lender may only instruct us to sell your wine or take possession of it in the event of a default. We will always liaise with you and will sell only so much of your wine as is needed to repay the loan, accrued interest and costs. We will always obtain the best possible price available in the market at the time of the sale.

You pay interest to us each quarter and capital to us on redemption of the loan. We pass this on to the lender and arrange the transfer of title to your wine back to you. We can then have it delivered to you (at your cost) or you may choose to use our cellarage services.

Full details of the lending process are set out on the About Wine Loans page and copies of the documents are provided on the Documents page.

If you are looking to release equity in your wine portfolio then please contact us at:, complete the form below or speak to Stephen Burton or Paul Simmonds.

Wine vault storage in London
If your wine is duty paid, once the loan has been agreed and throughout the term we will store your wine at our secure, climate-controlled vaults in Fulham, West London.