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Experts in fine wine trading and investment

In 2017 investment grade wine … has knocked classic cars off the winner’s podium.
Over the last 5 decades fine wine has often outperformed equites and alternative “passion” assets.
The Knight Frank Wealth Report 2017 reports growth in the value of the finest wines of 24% in 2016 and 267% over the last 10 years.

Fine wine’s stellar performance was driven by exceptionally strong growth in key areas across the world and in particular the resurgence of the top Bordeaux chateaux.
Source: Knight Frank Wealth Report 2017. Past performance is not a guarantee of future returns.

Market leaders in lending secured against fine wine

Bordeaux Cellars were the first to lend against fine wine. We continue to be the market leaders. We provide a unique opportunity for private lenders to earn 9-12% pa gross from a loan fully secured against investment grade wine. We only lend 35% of the value of the wine, providing you with a 300% margin of security.

Over the last six years Bordeaux Cellars have brokered over £120,000,000 of loans and in excess of £14,500,000 interest has been paid to lenders.

Invest in fine wine

“Wine is sunlight, held together by water”

Galileo Galilei

The best performing fine wines are not only expensive, but difficult to find.
Bordeaux Cellars has access to the world’s finest and rarest wines and can acquire and manage your wine investment portfolio.

The Wine Owners 150 Index Q4 2005-Q4 2015

241% against FTSE, HANG SENG etc

Established in 2007, Bordeaux Cellars has a strong global network within the wine industry. Over the last 30 years CEO Stephen Burton has built very close relationships with some of the world’s largest private collectors, Bordeaux negotiants, and other merchants, enabling us access the finest and rarest wines

Use our expertise and market access to build your own fine wine portfolio, to drink, as a store of value, or both.

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Lend against fine wine


Earn 9–12% pa

£120,000,000 lent against investment grade wine
£14,500,000 paid to our lenders over the last 5 years
Excellent security with a 35% LTV
Loans secured by chattel motgage
Wine held by Bordeaux Cellars as Custodian

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Borrow at 15% pa plus a 1% facility fee

364 day term
Non-status loans
Funds available in 3–5 days

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