About Us

Stephen Burton, founder of Bordeaux Cellars, has been involved in the collection of fine wine since the early 80’s.

Stephen Burton, founder of Bordeaux Cellars, has been involved in the collection of fine wine since the early 80’s.

The initial influence came from a neighbour, a well known lawyer and father of a childhood friend. The generous hospitality he extended to Stephen and his friends fired an interest in wines which has grown over the years.

Stephen purchased his first case of Lafite Rothschild 1982 for £250 while at university. He realised even then that increasing global demand for a product in strictly limited supply created an ideal investment opportunity.

Initially Stephen and his friends were interested in drinking rather than speculating. Meeting regularly to sample exceptional wines and swap notes on the next bottle to purchase, their hobby soon became a passion. But as their purchases became more expensive it was difficult to maintain the standards they had set themselves.

They soon realised that if they combined their limited individual resources then collectively they could buy better wines in the quantities that would enable them to “buy two, drink one free”. Their first joint purchase was five cases of Haut Brion 1989 purchased in May 1991 for £100 per case. They never imagined what it would be worth today. Wines acquired in those early days are still to be found in the cellar.

It was that simple realisation that led to the syndicated purchasing strategy developed by Stephen firstly with his friends and gradually over the years with a wider circle of business associates and investor clients. It was during this period Stephen also began to build and nurture the network of trade contacts and suppliers that is essential to gaining access to the finest wines.

Following the sale of his property investment business in 2007 Stephen and his “partners in wine” were able to invest more time and money in their collection. Stephen eventually decided to turn his life long knowledge of wine into a business specialising in syndicated purchasing and was joined by friends and long term business partners James Anderson and Paul Miller, who like Stephen, have committed their own collections to the business.

The collection had grown considerably over the years but there were a number of opportunities, especially in 2008, which were difficult to decline. In a series of judicious purchases, some “off market” they were able to make significant acquisitions of the finest Bordeaux capitalising on their experience and belief in the fundamental and long term value of the very finest wines.

However, the key to unlocking wine investment and extending it to a wider public came at the end of 2009. Stephen was making a presentation to clients offering them several portfolios for investment when one suggested that if they were able to obtain financing on their investments they would be able to extend their reach and benefit from the considerable advantages of leverage. Better still, he knew of a group of investors who recognised the underlying security value of the wines. Discussions followed and terms were settled.

This resulted in the unique offering which Bordeaux Cellars are able to make to their clients;

A 50% guaranteed non-recourse loan secured only on the wines themselves!

The package was complete and Stephen and his partners decided to launch this website to expand their business to a wider clientele.